Wayne County Ethics Board

The seven-member Wayne County Ethics Board was established as part of the Wayne County Ethics Ordinance, which was approved by the Wayne County Commission on April 5, 2012, and amended on December 18, 2014. The ordinance is the product of an ethics task force that was created by Wayne County Commissioner Gary Woronchak shortly after he was elected chair of the Commission in January 2011. Chairman Woronchak's intent was to create a comprehensive ordinance that sets into law standards of conduct and defines ethical behavior for county employees and vendors. It also creates a system to hold accountable any person who breaks the rules. As outlined in the ordinance, the Ethics Board was established to receive and consider complaints of potential violations of the ordinance.

The Wayne County Commission and each of the six countywide officials - county executive, treasurer, register of deeds, sheriff, prosecutor and clerk - appoint one member to the board at staggered terms. The Commission's appointment to the Board is approved by the majority of the 15-member legislative body.

This website has been created by the Wayne County Ethics Board as a means for keeping Wayne County residents informed about its activities. The site also includes information on how individuals can notify the Ethics Board of suspected violations of the Ethics Ordinance. 
The Wayne County Ethics Board meets in Hearing Room 704 of the Guardian Building, 500 Griswold, Detroit, MI 48226. Meetings are open to the public. The next meeting date is Wednesday, September 20, 2017, 9 a.m. -- 7th floor meeting room, Guardian Building, 500 Griswold, Detroit. Click here for agenda.
Any Wayne County employee/public servant or resident is encouraged to report any instances of unethical behavior by a Wayne County employee or elected official to the Wayne County Ethics Board for further investigation.
Click here to download a complaint form. The form must be signed and notarized.
To determine whether the behavior or actions about which you wish to complain would fall under the jurisdiction of the Ethics Board, you can review the Ethics Ordinance (Wayne County Enrolled Ordinance 2014-734) by clicking here.
Wayne County Ethics Board
(313) 224-0993

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